Heading overseas!

Last post, I alluded to a 'possible research trip overseas'. Today, I'm sitting at Sydney International Airport waiting to board the first flight of a trip that will eventually take me through Lisbon, Portugal, and London, Birmingham, and Manchester, U.K.

Suffice to say that it has been a long and arduous process securing funding for this trip, and there have been multiple stumbling blocks to negotiate. With the support of departmental staff, supervisors, and of course my family and friends, these have all been successfully negotiated. I am equal parts grateful and relieved that all the hard work will bear fruit.

On the first leg of my trip - in Lisbon - I'll be presenting a paper titled 'Neoliberalism, Race, and Authoritarianism post-9/11' at the International Initiative for the Promotion of Political Economy (IIPPE) conference. I'm really excited about this conference, as it will involve many broadly working from a critical perspective within political economy. This, to get colloquial, is my jam.

On the second leg - London, Birmingham, and Manchester - I'll be conducting archival research in a number of locations, including the George Padmore Institute, the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre, the London Metropolitan Archive, and the School of Oriental and African Studies. I'll be focusing on the work of Stuart Hall, particularly on his books 'Policing the Crisis' and 'The Hard Road to Renewal', along with race relations, policing and antiterrorism in the U.K. under neoliberalism.

I'll be updating this page regularly throughout my travels, and will upload a version of the conference paper after I present it on September 9. For now, I've got a plane to catch!