Another troubling week in 'postracial' Australia

Sportspeople donning blackface, Paul Sheehan spouting not-so-subtle Islamophobia, Chris Uhlmann utilising anti-Semitic tropes in his clumsy 'takedown' of the Frankfurt School. A typical week in a society that, despite imagining itself as postracial, continuously throws up reminders that it is far from it.

In response to the first example, I was fortunate enough to have an article critiquing popular responses to blackface and racist incidents in public published in New Matilda, titled 'Going Beyond the Cacophony of Blackface and Racism in Public'. I should mention that in this article I made use of a recent article by Alana Lentin, whose website you can find here.

Also worth mentioning in the context of last week's events is an excellent article by Omar Bensaidi in The Guardian, titled 'There's a lot written about young Muslim men in Australia, hardly anything written by them'. Essential reading.